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I'm Christina and I help you run your life like you're the CEO - not the unpaid intern

Stay focused, slay goals, improve motivation, reclaim time and get it together - and leave everyone wondering how you do it!

“Before I spoke to her, I felt like I was drowning in my lack or organization. Tasks were piling up, projects were slipping away, and I was feeling like a massive, massive loser.
Christina not only taught me simple (but very effective) tips and tricks to help me get myself organized, she also released me from the shame I’d been carrying around about my lack of time management and planning”

Marsha Shandur

How I Help My Clients

Template and Blueprints

Steal my templates and blueprints and literally follow along step-by-step to help you plan, prioritise and track your days, goals and projects - without the prerequisite of becoming a spreadsheet nerd (like me!)


Learn how to stay focused, ditch overwhelm, kick procrastination to the curb and achieve your goals easily following tried and tested methodologies that don't make you want to scratch your eyeballs out


If you're overwhelmed, procrastinating or simply unfocused, I'll help you knuckle down and plan for everything you want to achieve but so far have not. I'll hold your hand the entire way and you don't need to time travel!

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

What do you think? Are you ready to take that sought-after step towards setting those goals, mapping out the exact plan to get there and being held accountable every step of the way so that failure is not an option?

“Working with you was a wonderful, enlivening and enriching experience, a personal journey, not just about filing and sorting your stuff into categories.. but being in a program where you work directly with the person’s personality, goals and wishes."
Sage Andreasen
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