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Does your business have a physical presence but little (to no) online presence?

Do you want to vanish into thin air when people ask to see your website? Or perhaps you’re still relying on ONLY social media?

Perhaps you think your business is “not big enough” to have a website? Or that local businesses “dont need to be online”?

Are you constantly running around doing ‘busy-work’ and ‘flying by the seat of your pants’, with messy and ‘hotch potch’ business processes?



Let me get your website up and running NOW! My websites are designed to suit your personal budget and business and you can choose to Do It Yourself or have it Done For You



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This is not for you if…

You already have a bright, shiny website that you are proud to show off

Your processes and procedures mean your business runs like a well-oiled machine

You’re already the most organised person in the world and you believe organised people are just the lucky few

You like spending your days complaining about how you’re running from pillar to post (yet do nothing to fix the problem)

You aren’t ready to run your business on autopilot

You’re not willing to spend just an hour a week working on and maintaining your new system.


Then you’re in just the right place at just the right time.


I had no hesitations in working with you – your impressive resume and years experience were mindblowing! Since our session, I’ve improved my productivity. I’ve got a better understanding of where I waste time, and now have some steps that I can take to improve my work/life balance.

I don’t want to spend all day on my computer, and with a few tweaks, I’m finishing tasks faster than ever. Thank you!

The best thing was that I didn’t feel judged (which is really hard- especially when you’re showing a super organised person how dis-organised you are). You weren’t condescending or boring- organisation can be boring- but you made it achievable and fun. You were lovely, kind and understanding and I’ve made a friend and someone who I can certainly aspire to emulate- I want to be productive like you!!! You’re an inspirational one!

The follow up and personalised PDF report meant that I was able to go away and immediately start to implement. I didn’t have to wait for days/weeks! I’d have no hesitation in recommending you to others, and I love that you actually give solutions and INSTANT GRATIFICATION!

Adele McConnell

Founder, Vegie Head

Since we started working together, I have started working with a specialist Infusionsoft VA, reduced the hours my general VA works for me and I have been utilising Zapier much better so that book-keeping tasks are automated. I’m also batching my time more and enjoying better productivity.

Our session was like chatting to an old friend, you had some great tips and also reassured me that I’m more organised that I may think I am! You gave me suggestions that I could implement straight away and also some bigger picture ideas for me to streamline things down the track.

By making some small changes I now feel I have more of a team around me to give support with what I have coming up. I feel like I have really taken on the CEO mindset that I need in order to achieve my goals

I’d absolutely recommend you to others- I think entrepreneurs who are feeling frazzled with their to do lists and also new business owners could really benefit from working with you.

Since our session, I’m saving around $400 worth of my time each month thanks to the processes we established!

Sam Cannell

Director, Sam Cannell - Essential Collective Co

I know that in order to have more EASE in my business, I need systems, procedures and and efficiencies in place. I’m a creative, and these are not things I normally ‘get’ (or like!). Since our session, though, I have a much better big picture focus. I’ve been able to zero in on what resources I need on my team in order to deliver my big picture goals, and I’ve had the mindshift needed in order to get this happening.

You are a total star. Personable, funny, freakin smart and a total pro at what you do. It was like chatting with a friend over a wine, with “efficiency” benefits.

The way you broke down the project management for me so that I can see it from another person’s perspective is really interesting and was very useful. Seeing it through fresh eyes gave me some really good ideas on what to change and how to move forward. Also – I’m handing over more tasks to my team – I’m letting go!

I’d absolutely recommend you to others, especially to anyone feeling lost and overwhelmed in the procedures and efficiency of their business, or anyone who needs a fresh set of eyes on a flailing system.

Ellissa Jane

Director, Flourish Online

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