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What if you could go from blank screen to total tech setup in less than 2 months – without selling your house? But figuring out HOW to create that online presence? Well, it’s enough to make you cry.

If you don’t have time to be trawling through YouTube watching endless videos of tech guys droning on, searching Google and forums for advice (then being treated less than human or like you’re an idiot when you ask questions) – then this is for you. I will take you from ZERO to full-fledged, online PRO. And you won’t die in the process. Kidding. No, really, you won’t. And you won’t feel like you need to.

I will hold your hand – from A to Z – and we’ll take it step by step to get you set up fully online. This course will take you from being someone who was scared to set up their own tech, to being someone who feels a great sense of achievement from having done so.

(Not to mention the thousands of dollars you’ll save by not having to have a developer do this all for you).

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Making massive change all at once can be overwhelming. Take one step at a time, one challenge per day. You’ll go from feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and unsure to start, to feeling cool, calm and collected.

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Yes, you can go from CRAZY BUSY and running around like a headless chicken to having your life and business UNDER CONTROL in less than 30 days.

Even if you’ve got so much on your plate and you’re the busiest person in the world

Even if you know you’ve tried everything (but had no results)

Even if you have literally no spare time and no budget

Even if you think that everything’s got to be done perfectly, it’s got to be done by YOU, it’s got to be done NOW (and therefore your conclusion to date is that you’ll never get everything done until they invent human cloning)

Even if it hurts your brain to think about the jumbled mess of tasks in your head – not to mention your out of date (or non existent) to do list!



Living life surrounded my clutter can be overwhelming and draining.

Physical clutter, mental clutter, emotional clutter – it’s all stifling you. I can show you the exact way to go from feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and unsure, to feeling cool, calm and collected.

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But only if you want to leave your stressful, disorganised ways behind you

I help busy people get their businesses organised and online. In a NON-BORING way.
I do this by sharing all the tips, tricks, templates, processes, spreadsheets and checklists I've pulled together since I was old enough to hold a pen and paper.
They say I can organise the heck out of everything and the best part is that I LOVE doing it and I LOVE sharing it!