Yes, you can go from PERPETUALLY DISTRACTED and procrastination embodied

to having your life RUN LIKE A WELL OILED MACHINE

so that every single day – you know exactly what to do, and when to do it – no brain-drain required.



Autopilot Academy

Even if you can’t imagine how it would feel to be organised

Even if you always run late for everything

Even if you lose all your stuff – all the time

Even if your house – and brain – resembled a jumbled mess

Even if you’ve never been methodical, structured or organised in your life!

Scientific Research + my 10 Dimension Technique = LIFE RUNNING ON AUTOPILOT

Scientific research has given us the key to unlocking our personal productivity. For example, it shows that the time you spend taking a break is just as important as the time you spend working.

It also shows us that having a plan is SOOOOO important when it comes to achieving goals (versus stagnating, or acting crazy like a hamster on a wheel, doing ‘busy work’)

And that’s just the beginning!

With Autopilot Academy, I take the science, break it down into ‘easy to implement’ templates and share with you my tried-and-true methodology that will take you from lack of focus to goal achieved!

And who am I?

I’m Christina and I was born to organise!

I’ve worked in the corporate world as an I.T Project Manager for over 14 years and I live and breathe efficiency, organisation, productivity, technology, spreadsheets and checklists.

For the last few years, I have been fulfilling my career in a demanding corporate role, commuting 4 hours a day, running my business, prioritising going to the gym and eating healthily – all whilst still allocating time for weekends away, vacations and most importantly – spending time alone (or with friends) socialising and RELAXING!

Running my life like a well-oiled machine is the only way I can fit all this stuff in. 

I want to share my tried-and-true methods with you – the EXACT processes I use daily to run this crazy life – without losing power, control or sanity. I can also help you to do just that!

I help busy people get their businesses organised and online. In a NON-BORING way.
I do this by sharing all the tips, tricks, templates, processes, spreadsheets and checklists I've pulled together since I was old enough to hold a pen and paper.
They say I can organise the heck out of everything and the best part is that I LOVE doing it and I LOVE sharing it!